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What Causes Motorcycle Accidents In Long Beach?

11 Most Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents In Long Beach, California

Knowing the most common causes of motorcycle accidents will help you watch out for potential road hazards. While accidents can still happen to the most careful people, knowing what you need to look out for can reduce the risks.

This post will discuss the most common motorcycle accident causes, as often handled by our prescreened Long Beach Personal Injury Attorneys in California.

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Motorcycle accidents are caused by different factors, including:

1. Left Turns

This happens when a motorcyclist is struck by a car making a left turn. Motorcycle accidents are most commonly caused by this.

It frequently occurs when the other driver is oblivious to the presence of the motorcycle or is unable to estimate its speed. As the car passes through the junction, or as the rider tries to pass, it collides with the motorcycle.

2. Riders With Little To No Experience

Riding a motorcycle needs a lot of practice and talent. As a result, inexperienced motorcyclists can find themselves in dangerous circumstances that more experienced riders would avoid.

If you find yourself in an accident with an inexperienced rider, you might have grounds to file claims against them. Contact a Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer in California to help you file your personal injury claim.

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3. Splitting Lanes

Lane splitting happens when motorcyclists start weaving in and out of lanes during traffic congestion. While not illegal in California, they still cause a lot of motorcycle accidents.

In slow-moving traffic, motorists do not anticipate motorcyclists to pass by. The rider is then forced into oncoming traffic by the automobile.

4. Dangerous Lane Changes

When changing lanes, drivers who fail to signal or fail to spot a motorcycle may collide with them.

That said, if negligence was involved in the accident, it's best to contact a Long Beach Personal Injury Attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve.

5. Blind Spot Collisions

Many car-motorcycle collisions occur simply because the motorist failed to notice the rider. Unfortunately, at intersections, these blind spot crashes are common.

Drivers need to take extra caution in intersections, and when they don't, accidents occur. Ask your Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer for legal options.

6. Opening Car Doors

When people open the doors of parked cars, they rarely look to see if there is something in the way. As a result, opening car doors can be dangerous for unsuspecting motorists.

7. Speeding

Many accidents are caused by speeding, whether by a motorist, a motorcycle rider, or both. Either party could swiftly lose control of their vehicle, resulting in devastating consequences.

That said, even if you were the one speeding, you need to consult with a Long Beach Personal Injury Attorney before saying anything to the police or the insurance provider.

8. Drunk Driving

Even a little bit of alcohol can affect someone's judgment. At worst, it affects sight and motor functions.

That said, if you were in an accident with a drunk driver, you might be able to prove their negligence. Contact an experienced prescreened Long Beach Personal Injury Attorney to help you file all the paperwork, gather evidence, and meet critical deadlines for your personal injury claim.

9. Mechanical Errors

The crash could have been caused by defective parts or products. So the manufacturer, dealer, or repair shop may be held accountable.

Again, it's not just the driver that's to blame. Sometimes, an accident is caused by a faulty product.

10. When Road Conditions Are Poor

Poor road conditions can be due to several factors. These factors could go from uneven pavement or to hazardous debris.

Riders might quickly lose control of their motorcycles since they are less stable than vehicles or trucks. In addition, potholes, uneven roads, and improper road signs can cause devastating accidents.

That said, consult with a Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer to know your options.

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11. Weather Conditions

Strong winds make motorcycles even more uncontrollable than usual. Debris falls into the street, resulting in hazardous road conditions.

Slippery conditions are exacerbated by rain and ice, while visibility is reduced by rain and fog.

During these dire conditions, all drivers are expected to be extra careful. When you get into an accident because someone else didn't fulfill their duty of care, contact a Long Beach Personal Injury Attorney immediately.

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