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California Contingency Lawyers Are Available For The Following Areas Of Law

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Employment Law Claims in California are characterized by violations incurred by employers against the people who work for them. These violations can range from wrongful termination, discrimination in the workplace, unpaid wages ... more

Personal Injury is defined as the sustained loss or bodily injury from an act of negligence. The main factor of a personal injury case is that it should the result of an accident. In this guide, we discuss how to maximize your settlement ... more

Medical Malpractice is characterized by a healthcare provider making a mistake—either from negligence or omission—that directly causes harm to a patient. It is not enough that you are of the opinion that you’ve been poorly treated ... more

When an employee gets injured at work, employers are liable to pay for the expenses incurred due to the injury. These injuries can either be a single consequence of a recent accident or an accumulated trauma sustained from years of working in the company ... more

Can't Find Your Type Of Case?

In California, not all cases can be accepted on contingency, most likely you have a case that requires a "retainer" or legal fees to be paid up front to the attorney. To find pre-screened and reputable lawyers in other areas of law you may request a lawyer referral here.

Make An Informed Decision

The main benefit of working with a certified lawyer referral service is that they conduct a thorough background check on each attorney in their network. 


When you start working with a pre-screened lawyer, document everything and keep all your paperwork organized. Certified lawyer referral services monitor the attorney's performance while your case is open.


You also want to keep the lawyer referral service on the loop as your case progresses and when it settles. They use this information as part of the monitoring process to make sure the attorney complies with quality standards. 

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