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3 Things You Should Never Do After Getting Fired

The Major Don'ts Of Getting Fired In California

Regardless if your termination had been justified or you were wrongfully terminated, there are certain things you shouldn't do on your way out. Not only will acting carelessly will affect your future job prospects, but it might also derail any legal grounds you have to seek damages and compensation.

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No matter how unfair you think it might be, it would be best if you didn't act carelessly after getting fired. If you believe your boss violated Employment Laws, you should first consult with a Labor Lawyer in California before making your next move.

Let's look at the three main things you need to think about as you're walking out of your office or workstation:

1. Taking Your Grievances To Social Media

It's normal to be upset about getting fired. After all, it can be embarrassing at the very least and derail your life plans at most. However, it can be incredibly frustrating if you were fired illegally or for unjustified reasons.

It's critical, though, that you maintain your composure. Going on a social media rant and cursing your former bosses and superiors out could hurt your chances of landing a new position. When conducting background checks, that potential employers will look at a candidate's public social media platforms.

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That said, if you ever decide to get a California Wrongful Termination Lawyer to file settlement claims or take your employers to court, your social media profiles will be investigated. Even if you were sarcastic or joking, courts will often take Tweets and Facebook posts at face value and try to use them as proof of aggression.

It would help if you didn't post about it at all. Don't drop any hints, and avoid using scathing words on social media and in-person while you're at it. Anything to use against your character during the case should be avoided at all costs.

2. Don't Be Violent On Your Way Out

Don't use any violence, no matter what you do. For example, during your termination, words may cause you to become agitated. However, you must avoid putting a staff member in a headlock or throwing punches at the people you feel grievances towards.

You'll almost certainly get in trouble if you use violence. And when it comes time to look for your next employment, you'll want to have a spotless record.

Likewise, don't destroy company property. Don't smash computers or other workplace equipment in retaliation. Your previous company may deduct the expenditures from your final salary or even take you to small claims court.

Don't make things more complicated for yourself. Instead, save all that energy for looking for your next job or building an employment case with your California Employment Lawyer.

3. Taking Too Long To Get To The Next Step

One of the worst things you can do is take too long. So whether the logical next step is to gear up for the next job, process your final salary, or filing an Employment Claim in California, you shouldn't put them off for any unimportant reason.

Getting fired is a highly emotional predicament. However, the sooner you find a new job, the less time you'll have to worry about your income. Make the most of the time you have in between jobs by polishing your résumé, enrolling in continuing education courses, and attending interviews.

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That said, if you do have grounds for either Wrongful Termination, Retaliation, Discrimination, or Whistleblower Retaliation claim, you should file them as soon as you're able.

For any legal action or settlement claims, you'll have deadlines. For wrongful termination claims, however, you have two years since getting fired. So contact an Employment Lawyer in California to help you build your case, collect evidence, and file your claims to the proper agencies.


Getting fired from your job can be worrying. First, you lose a source of income and stability until you find the next job. Worse, if you were illegally fired, your employment rights in California had just been violated.

Calm down, take a step back, and consider your next steps.

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