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How To Protect Your Rights After A Car Accident In Burbank

9 Steps To Protecting Your Legal And Insurance Claims In California

Getting into a car accident is both terrifying and frustrating. If you don't end up with life-threatening injuries, you'll still be subjected to a long process of documentation, paperwork, and insurance transactions.

However, there's a reason why these steps should be followed. They are not only for your health and safety; they're there to avoid possible conflicts with your insurance provider days after the accident.

In this post, we'll talk about the proper steps to take after a car accident, as often advised by our Burbank Personal Injury Attorneys in California.

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1. Call 911

Dial 911 for assistance. Then, a dispatcher will send medical help and the police.

If you've been injured, no matter how minor, make sure to tell the medical responders. Just because you're not suffering immense physical pain doesn't mean there aren't any underlying issues. Concussions, bruising, and minor fractures can sometimes go unnoticed.

Additionally, you need to make sure you stick around to make a police report. This will be publicly available in a few days and will come in handy later.

2. Avoid Confrontations

Car accidents can send people's emotions into hyperdrive. However, you need to remember that getting into a fight with the other driver isn't going to help.

Arguments and altercations can lead to other problems and won't help you get more money from your insurance claim.

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3. Find Witnesses

Make a list of all witnesses and get their contact information. Witnesses may not wait for the police officer to arrive, and even if they do, a busy officer may not have time to speak with every witness.

Witnesses can help you solidify your case if you get into legal trouble or run into problems with your insurance claim. You only need their names and contact information, and your Burbank Personal Injury Attorney can take it from there.

4. Take Photos Of The Scene

Take photos of your car, the debris around it, the other driver's vehicle, and the accident area if possible. Photographs support the documentation of dangerous driving conditions, road barriers, car conditions and damage, and other factors that may have contributed to the car crash.

Additionally, this will also function as the documentation you can forward to your insurance provider.

5. Exchange Insurance Information

Take a photo of the other driver's insurance card if you can. The name of the other driver's insurance company will be written down by the police officer, but not the insurance conditions.

Take photos of the front and back of their insurance policy or card. You need all this information for collecting damages from insurance companies.

However, you need to remember that insurance companies run a business. Their main goal is to profit, which unfortunately leads them to devalue your damages or use underhanded tactics to lessen your payout. That said, it's best if you do not speak with any insurance company until you have consulted with an experienced Burbank Personal Injury Lawyer.

6. Gather Your Belongings

Remove any important items from your vehicle. If your car is towed or you are transferred to an ambulance, you may not see your car for a long time.

So, get your phone, documents, and other important belongings you want to keep on you.

7. Don't Post About The Car Crash On Social Media

Nothing concerning the accident should be shared on social media. Making a public claim—even if it's just a heated rant—can hinder any potential legal or insurance claim.

Remember: anything you say (or post on Twitter) can be used against you.

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8. Don't Admit Guilt To Anyone

Avoid casually talking about the accident with anyone. Anything you say can be overheard by anyone and can be used against you when you face legal and insurance claims in the future.

If you have something to discuss, call your Burbank Personal Injury Attorney instead.

As mentioned, insurance companies don't always work in your interest. However, there's no reason to accept low-balled and unfair insurance payouts. Instead, you can challenge them and get the compensation you deserve.

To protect yourself from unfair insurance evaluations, contact an experienced Burbank Personal Injury Lawyer to help you.

Don't worry about lawyer fees!

No win, no fees!

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