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How To Avoid Pedestrian Accidents In Laguna Beach

Quick Tips On Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents In California

Pedestrian accidents can lead to the most severe injuries. While accidents can happen when you least expect them to, there are several ways to make sure you're safe from passing cars while you walk the streets.

Here's a list of safety tips to help you avoid pedestrian accidents, as often advised by our prescreened Laguna Beach Personal Injury Lawyers in California.

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1. Make Yourself Visible

The majority of pedestrian accidents happen at night, and visibility is a likely factor in them.

Wearing reflective clothing, slipping on a neon vest, carrying a flashlight, and walking your dog with a reflective leash or collar can all help you be more visible. This tip should also apply in bad weather conditions, like when there's fog or snow.

2. Know When to Cross the Street

Always cross the street at a designated crosswalk when available, and obey all local laws and posted signage. Crosswalks with additional safety features, such as flashing lights, are a safer choice.

If you need to cross where there isn't a marked crosswalk, make sure to look around before you cross the street.

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3. Stay In Designated Pedestrian Areas

When possible, walk on sidewalks, protected pathways, and greenways. If there is no sidewalk, try to walk near the shoulder and face oncoming vehicles.

Remember, facing away from the oncoming traffic may leave you blindsided. However, walking against the traffic flow will give the chance to react should a vehicle swerve your way.

4. Defensive Walking

Pedestrians should constantly take precautions when walking. Keep an eye on the cars surrounding you, especially in parking lots and other places where they could start backing up at any moment.

The best safety precaution is to pay close attention to your surrounding, especially while walking in parking lots, crosswalks, and other high-risk situations. Remove your earbuds, put down your phone, and put your safety first.

5. Educate Your Children On Pedestrian Safety

Seniors and children make up a significant percentage of pedestrian accident and injury victims. They are more likely to be engaged in these crashes, and seniors over the age of 65 may be more likely to die due to their injuries than younger persons.

As a result, parents must teach their children how to safely walk and cross the street, and relatives should check in with their senior loved ones to ensure they remember the rules.

Can You Get Compensation From A Pedestrian Accident Claim In California?

The driver is often held responsible for the victim's injuries and losses in pedestrian accidents. This liability is based on the driver's responsibility to keep an eye out for pedestrians, stop for pedestrians crosswalks, and yield to pedestrians while turning.

When a driver breaks traffic laws and causes an accident, the injured pedestrian may be able to sue the offender. A car insurance claim or a civil suit might be used to hold someone accountable. Many situations are resolved without going to court.

There are also periods of limitations on launching a lawsuit in certain circumstances. They differ from one state to the next. If you hire a Laguna Beach Personal Injury Lawyer, they will be able to discover the deadlines that apply to your case.

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Is There A Time Limit To Filing Personal Injury Claims In Laguna Beach?

The statute of limitation for pedestrian accidents is two years. So you won't be able to file a Personal Injury Claim after then.

That said, to make sure you file claims and evidence at the right time, work with a Laguna Beach Personal Injury Attorney. Your lawyer will know their way around pedestrian accident claims and can organize and file the proper documents at the right time.

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