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Who Can You Blame For A Pool Accident In Palmdale?

A Guide To Pool Accident Liability In California

It's easy to blame yourself for getting into a pool accident. However, it's also possible that someone else could be held liable for their negligence. After all, pools are property. The owner is responsible for making sure it's safe before allowing people to use them.

So, who can you blame for your injuries? Here's a quick guide to pool accident liability, as often handled by our prescreened Palmdale Personal Injury Lawyers in California.

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The nature of the accident determines the question of blame in a swimming pool accident. For example, a pool accident can be a premises liability, negligence, or product liability case.

Let's break down each one:

Premises liability is a claim that a property owner is responsible for injuries caused by a hazardous condition on the property that the owner was either aware of or should have been aware of. Pool owners have a responsibility to take reasonable safeguards to ensure the safety of their users and anybody else on the premises in the event of a pool accident.

According to California law, the owner is responsible for protecting and preventing injury to anybody who enters the property (even a trespasser). Therefore, they are negligent if the owner fails to take reasonable precautions to avoid drowning (and other accidents).

The following can be held responsible for premises liability claims in pool accidents:

  • Pool owners (both residential and private)

  • Property owners that have private or commercial pools for the use of their guests, members, or renters

  • Owners of government property (i.e., open-to-the-public municipal swimming pools or school swimming pools)

  • The property's owners or operators

If you're unsure whether you have a premises liability claim, consult with a Palmdale Personal Injury Lawyer to help you sort it out. There could be multiple defendants in some cases, so make sure to check for the other examples in this guide.

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2. Negligence

A person is liable under the negligence grounds for a pool accident claim if they were careless in creating the accident. Negligence is defined as failing to act as a reasonable person would under similar circumstances.

The failure of a property owner to make the property safe establishes their liability. Other persons may be held accountable if a drowning occurs due to their negligence.

For example, if pool equipment was placed incorrectly, resulting in a drowning, the installers may be held liable for carelessness. Likewise, if a company hires unqualified or poorly trained lifeguards, the employer may be held accountable.

To prevent accidents, California and several of its cities and municipalities have passed laws or ordinances imposing limitations and regulations on the construction and maintenance of home swimming pools.

For example, special pool coverings, locked gates, and pool fencing that entirely surround a pool may require these statutes. If such ordinances are not followed, the property owner will be held liable in the event of an accident.

That said, proving someone's negligence can be challenging. First, you will need to look for appropriate evidence to make sure you have a solid claim. Thus, it's best to work alongside your Palmdale Personal Injury Attorney.

Product liability is a no-fault action that does not rely on someone's negligence. For example, a manufacturer or seller of a defective pool or related equipment is accountable for releasing a defective product.

Many parties may be to blame when a pool accident is caused by a malfunctioning pool or equipment, including:

  • The pool's creator (or the manufacturer of a component part)

  • The distributor

  • The customer's pool was purchased from a retailer

  • Installers or assemblers

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Furthermore, there are three sorts of design or product defect, including:

  • Design flaws that exist in the product design before it is manufactured

  • Manufacturing flaws that emerge during the production process

  • Inadequate safety warnings

Defective and extremely harmful products can be found in or around the pool. For example, water slides may have weak places due to a manufacturing flaw, resulting in falls. Likewise, children's floatation devices may be dangerous due to a lack of proper instructions for safe use, indicating a marketing flaw.

Depending on the circumstances that preceded and contributed to your (and your loved one's) accident, there could be multiple defendants based on their level of negligence. That's why it's always important to investigate and gather the evidence before pursuing a personal injury claim in California.

To help you build a solid case, contact a Palmdale Personal Injury Attorney to help you.

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