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Can You Sue A Company For A Bad Product In Glendale?

A Quick Guide To Product Liability Claims In California

You'll always run into disappointing products. Usually, these products will get bad reviews and a vow to never buy them again. However, some bad products can cause you injuries.

So, you can't sue a company for a disappointing product, but you can sue them for a dangerous one. Here's a quick and easy guide for product liability claims, as often handled by our Glendale Personal Injury Lawyers in California.

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Multiple parties can be held liable for defective items under California law. Manufacturers, designers, distributors, and retailers are all solely responsible for the defective items they sell and any injuries that result from such faults.

What Are The Types Of Defective Products In California Product Liability Laws?

The three primary types of defective products are as follows:

  • Design Defects. Poorly designed products can cause injuries. This can also happen when a product is manufactured according to design standards yet fails to meet a consumer's safety expectations.

  • Manufacturing Defects. When a manufactured product fails to meet safe design standards, accidents can occur.

  • Inadequate Warnings. When a product's manufacturer fails to offer clear instructions for safe usage and fails to sufficiently warn about hidden dangers, accidents and injuries occur.

Because consumers engage with products on a daily basis, product safety is a major concern. This is recognized by California's product defect legislation.

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While an injured party may have to prove fault in some situations, any entity involved in the manufacture, distribution, or marketing of a defective product is strictly accountable when it causes damage.

To help you file claims against the parties responsible for your injuries, hire one of our prescreened Glendale Personal Injury Lawyers.

What Types Of Injuries Can You Get From Defective Products?

Here are a handful of the most common types of dangerous product defects:

  • Vehicle Defects. Brain damage, spinal cord injuries, severe burns, and other catastrophic injuries can be caused by defective cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and other vehicles.

  • Consumer Product Defects. All consumer product defect reports are tracked by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    • Toys, appliances, electrical devices, amusement equipment, nursery furnishings, detergent packs, playground fixtures, blinds, curtains, and many other products are included in these product-related injury lists.

  • Scaffolding Accidents. Scaffolding accidents frequently involve falls from great heights, resulting in severe injuries such as spinal cord trauma, traumatic brain injuries, and death. Electrical injuries caused by scaffolding frequently result in severe burns and even death.

  • Manufacturing Equipment. Despite decades of safety campaigns, OSHA records show that catastrophic manufacturing injuries occur on a daily basis. Machinery used in manufacturing and meat processing, such as power presses, meat cutters, saws, and other machines, can crush and amputate limbs.

  • Drug And Medical Devices Defects. Drugs and medical instruments can cause a wide range of side effects and fatalities. Whether or not a patient received proper warnings is frequently a determining factor in liability.

As you can see, defective products can cause a whole host of accidents and injuries. If you've been hurt or injured because of a product, consult with a Glendale Personal Injury Attorney. A lawyer will know what to do, which types of evidence to collect, and the proper paperwork you need to pursue a claim.

What Kinds of Pay Outs Can I Recover?

Both users and bystanders might be injured by defective items. Victims of major product-related injuries must deal with high medical bills, long-term disability, and lost wages.

Their relatives are faced with the challenge of caring for their loved ones. Those who suffer the most severe injuries must endure expensive treatment regimens, surgeries, rehabilitation, permanent disability, and diminished earning capacities for the rest of their lives.

This is why it's important to give all the information you have on your case to your Glendale Personal Injury Lawyer. The more dire the effects on you are, the more you'll get as compensation.

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In a product liability case, damages may include:

  • Economic Damages. The economic damages of an injured person are determined using out-of-pocket expenses.

    • Medical treatment, physical therapy, surgeries, psychiatric counseling, medication, orthopedic equipment, mobility devices, transportation costs, and fees to substitute home services are just a few examples of these expenses.

  • General Damages. Despite the fact that general damages are difficult to quantify, they are an important component of any damage claim. They're predicated on a person's injuries having an emotional and personal influence on their lives.

    • Pain, suffering, disability, changes in spousal and family relationships, and other factors are all valued in a general damage settlement.

  • Punitive damages. When evidence establishes that a goods manufacturer's activities amounted to fraud, courts and juries may award punitive damages to punish them.

That said, make sure to work alongside your Glendale Personal Injury Attorney to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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