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Faulty Product Injuries: Who's Liable in California?

Find A California Personal Injury Lawyer for Product Liability Claims

Products sold to the general public are usually regulated to ensure consumer safety. However, whether something went wrong in the singular product itself or an entire batch was poorly manufactured in-house, the manufacturer can still be held responsible for injuries it causes the consumer. If you have a product liability claim, contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in California straight away.

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What Qualifies For A Product Liability Claim in California?

Product liability cases involve a business owner or manufacturer being held liable for personal injuries caused by a defective product they made.

Manufacturing Errors vs. Design Errors

Under state legislation, companies who place items in the hands of customers and contribute to the injury can be sued for manufacturing and design faults. The majority of product liability cases include situations where the item's design was supposed to be safe but turned out to be otherwise, resulting in injury or death to a person.

All parties engaged in manufacturing an item can be included in the production chain, including the assembler, manufacturer, and even the store that sells the item. Therefore, product liability claims are typically based on strict liability and negligence.

Household objects such as tables, furniture, and items that provide a choking hazard to children are the most common design defects that result in damage. Cases involving product responsibility are incredibly complicated and require the involvement of experts, including an experienced Personal Injury Attorney in California.

Product Security

Thousands of individuals are wounded, permanently crippled, or even murdered each year due to a defective product. Because of the potential dangers to customers, these goods should have never been on the market in the first place.

Because there is no federal product liability law, most cases are decided under the state's statutes where the victims of a defective product live or where the product was made, marketed, or otherwise supplied to the general public.

What If My Loved One Died Because of A Faulty Product?

Wrongful death is defined in California as a legal claim that emerges when someone dies due to someone else's negligence (or group of people). If a wrongful death claim is successful, the family may be entitled to recover damages such as burial and funeral costs, as well as hold the individual who caused the death accountable.

A wrongful death suit is not the same as a suicide or murder trial. It's not even a legal matter. Instead, a civil lawsuit has been filed in the state of California. Its purpose is to hold a defendant civilly accountable for someone's death rather than legally.

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Only a few survivors are allowed to file a claim in California. As a result, you must be associated with the victim in one of the ways listed below:

  • If they are the deceased's spouse or recognized domestic partner

  • If the deceased's children are still alive, they may file a lawsuit against the estate.

  • If a child or children have already died, the children's descendants (grandchildren of the deceased) will submit a case on their behalf.

  • The parents of the deceased could file a lawsuit if the decedent married but had no children.

  • If the deceased person's spouse, children, or parents are no longer alive, the deceased person's siblings or other dependents may file a lawsuit.

  • The parents of a young child who has died can initiate a lawsuit.

People who may be eligible to inherit assets (and those who were financially dependent on the deceased) can file a wrongful death case in California in most cases when the decedent did not prepare a will.

How Often Do Product Liability Claims Happen?

Defective items come in a variety of forms and can result in significant damage. Some of these faulty products are commonplace objects that could cause harm to anyone who uses them.

  • Automobiles. Carbon monoxide poisoning, faulty brakes, unexpected unwanted acceleration, flat tires, seatbelt failure, and other problems can all result in significant damage.

  • Products for Children. Any product used by little children, especially those that pose a choking threat, can result in serious injury. Unfortunately, many items on the market are poorly made and fail to consider the risk of harm to tiny children.

  • Appliances. Due to design defects or malfunctioning parts, household gadgets can cause fires or electrocution burns. Household appliances that are used regularly are frequently the subject of product liability lawsuits.

  • Furniture. Design problems in some furniture lead-heavy items to tilt and crush smaller individuals or children.

  • Medical Equipment. Medical devices that are supposed to save lives can (and unfortunately do) kill people due to poor design or malfunctioning parts.

  • Cleaning Supplies & Chemicals. Dealing with any type of household or outside cleaning can be highly harmful. Cleaning product manufacturers and distributors utilize dangerous substances that can cause allergic reactions, disease, extreme irritation, cancer, congenital disabilities, and a variety of other problems.

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  • Food. Often, the food we eat can be harmful to our health, especially if it is not labeled correctly or contaminated. Therefore, the food and beverage business is subjected to extensive testing and must adhere to strict norms, laws, and regulations at all times.

  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment. Organizations like OSHA work extensively to ensure that companies that hire humans to run these equipment follow proper protocol. Unfortunately, thousands of workers are injured each year due to malfunctioning commercial machinery, which leads to many product liability cases.

  • Equipment for Sports. Baseball gloves, weight-lifting equipment, water-sports equipment, bicycles, skateboards, and motorcycles must all meet strict safety standards before being marketed to the general public.

  • Clothing, jewelry, and fashion items. Yes, even objects that you wear daily can pose a health risk.

Product liability claims can be tricky. Sometimes, you will come up against prominent brands that might have more money to spare on legal fees. Finding Contingency Lawyers in California might help you waive your legal money concerns.

How Long Do I Have To File A Claim in California?

According to the federal product liability statute of limitations, you have two years to launch a personal injury claim based on product responsibility: This covers any damage or death to an individual caused by another's wrongful act or negligence.

Find A Product Liability Attorney in California

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