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Suing For Brain and Head Injuries in California

Find A California Personal Injury Attorney for Brain and Head Injuries

Car accidents, gunshot wounds, sports trauma, and child abuse are the leading causes of brain injuries in California. Therefore, experts in both the medical and legal fields must handle traumatic brain injury cases, including a head trauma specialist and a Personal Injury Lawyer.

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How Serious Are Brain Injuries?

All brain injuries are extremely dangerous and should be diagnosed by a head trauma specialist. Even if you have suffered a concussion resulting from an accident, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Due to the architecture of the human skull, head injuries can be difficult to diagnose and treat, and they can also be challenging to detect in some situations.

Internal bleeding or trauma can cause traumatic brain injuries even if there is no visible exterior bleeding, cuts, or damage. Therefore, if you believe you have suffered a head injury resulting from a traumatic accident, you must immediately tell your medical team and your Personal Injury Attorney in California.

Brain Injuries: The Most Common Causes

In 2019, 2.5 million people sought treatment for traumatic brain injuries in emergency rooms across the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In the same year, 279,000 people in California were diagnosed with traumatic brain injury.

In the state of California, it is estimated that 126,000 traumatic brain injury patients are disabled. However, an event does not have to be severe to cause a brain injury because of the fragile nature of the human cranium. Therefore, accidents resulting in brain injury can happen to anyone.

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According to the CDC, the following are the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries:

  1. Slip and Fall (40 percent ). Falls that result in a catastrophic brain injury can happen in places that aren't well-maintained, such as a store with slick floors, broken staircases, or missing handrails.

  2. An object has struck you (15.5 percent ). Brain injuries from being hit by something could occur when working, shopping in a warehouse, falling objects, or even while participating in sports.

  3. Vehicular accidents (14.3 percent ). Car accidents are a common cause of brain injury in California. For example, whiplash can result from being rear-ended by another car, causing a strong jerk to the head and traumatic brain injury. In addition, the steering wheel, dashboard, or airbag can all strike the driver's head during a car collision.

  4. Assault (10.7 percent ). Brain injuries can also arise as a result of a physical assault. Accidents involving little children and the elderly are extremely dangerous.

  5. Other types of accidents account for 19% of TBIs, including motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and work injury accidents.

Treatment for brain injuries can be costly, so consider finding a California Personal Injury Attorney right after your diagnosis.

Signs of a Serious Traumatic Brain Injury That Aren't Immediately Recognized

Signs that are subtle TBI symptoms can be equally debilitating as other health issues, and accident victims may experience the frustrations that come with others failing to recognize that they have suffered brain damage.

  1. Depression. TBIs are commonly thought of as merely a physical injury. However, they can generate symptoms that extend beyond pain and suffering. While the exact etiology of depression caused by TBIs is unknown, there is evidence that they can cause significant changes in the brain structure, leading to symptoms of depression.

  2. Sleeping Issues. Confusion, sluggishness, and disorientation are common symptoms of head trauma. While it is true that TBIs might cause some victims to sleep more than usual, TBIs can also have the reverse effect, making sleeping difficult. TBI survivors may experience melancholy, decreased energy, irritability, and weariness if they do not receive enough sleep.

  3. Focusing. Concentration problems are common among TBI accident sufferers, making it difficult to function well at work or school. For example, this might make it difficult for someone to read, speak with others, ignore distractions, watch movies, or drive.

  4. Emotional Issues. TBI accident sufferers may display behaviors such as outbursts of sobbing, laughing, anger, hostility, and disinhibition. TBI victims may find it difficult to return to their everyday lives as a result of these concerns.

Call up your California Personal Injury Attorney to sue for damages caused by the injury.

Who is to Blame for Head and Brain Injuries?

A failure to act with the level of caution that a prudent person would have exercised in the same situation. When there is an obligation to act, the conduct normally consists of actions, but it can also consist of inactions. The following are a few of the most common:

  1. Speeding more than the posted limit

  2. Failure to mop up spilled liquids

  3. Driving when intoxicated

  4. Hazardous materials are improperly stored

  5. Failure to keep a pool deck in good repair

  6. Inadequately maintained pathways and stairwells

What Kinds of Damages Can You Recover?

The goal of initiating a lawsuit is to get as much money as possible to compensate you for your losses. In a settlement or verdict, you may be reimbursed for economic damages such as:

  • Medical treatment includes things like rehabilitation, prescription drugs, surgery, and doctor visits

  • Medical treatment you might need in the future

  • Lost wages/salary, since you were unable to work as a result of your accident

  • Lost future income because your condition prevents you from returning to your previous employment or any other job

  • Your property has been damaged

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In addition to monetary damages, noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering may be reimbursed. In California, this is an umbrella term that encompasses the following:

  • Physical injury

  • Pain and Suffering

  • Disfigurement

  • Disability

  • Emotional distress

To figure out how much money you might be entitled to, you'll need the help of a lawyer. Economic losses are the most straightforward to calculate because all you need is a medical bill, a pay stub, or a repair estimate.

However, to calculate the costs of pain and anguish, your California Personal Injury Attorney would have to rely on their knowledge of how jurors value those injuries.

Find A Brain and Head Injury Attorney in California can help you get a Contingency Attorney for Personal Injury Claims in California. No win, no fees! Complete our submission form for a free case review.


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