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Life-Altering Catastrophic Injuries And Your Legal Grounds in California

Find A California Personal Injury Attorney for Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury will alter the victim's life (and of those around them) forever. It can result in chronic discomfort and long-term disability, lowering a person's quality of life. Even ordinary everyday actions can become complicated when you have persistent restrictions resulting from a significant injury. If you sustained catastrophic injuries from an accident, consult a California Personal Injury Lawyer immediately.

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What Qualifies As A Personal Injury in California?

Catastrophic Injuries can come from any Personal Injury Case in California, but their distinction is the severity of the injuries sustained. Catastrophic Injuries are often life-altering and permanent, severely reducing a plaintiff's capacity to work, earn, and enjoy life.

Only a few examples of possible personal injuries include shattered bones, burst discs, amputation of limbs or other body parts, badly damaged muscles and ligaments, and various degrees/kinds of paralysis.

In addition, accidents involving cars, heavy rigs, motorcycles, pedestrians, slip and fall accidents, occupational injuries, watercraft accidents, injuries caused by defective or unsafe equipment, and more are all typical causes of catastrophic injuries.

Here are a few examples of Catastrophic Injuries:

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can occur as a result of unsafe working circumstances, as well as improper storage or disposal of dangerous materials. The majority of burn injuries might have been avoided, but they occurred due to reckless behavior or inaction on the part of people or companies. In addition, burns caused by defective automobile parts or other products can be severe and scarring.

A severe burn can result in astronomical medical bills, with only the initial treatment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, many of the symptoms of severe burns take years to appear.

Trauma to the brain

Every year, an estimated 100,000 serious brain injuries or incidents of significant brain trauma occur in the United States. However, it's difficult to estimate the exact number because many people with brain injuries don't realize they've had one for months or years. Some never discover that brain trauma is the reason for their persistent symptoms.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most devastating types of brain injury, and it's all too frequent among athletes who engage in contact sports and sustain numerous concussions. TBI affects about 1.5 million people in the United States, leaving 80,000 people permanently disabled and killing 50,000 people each year.

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The spinal cord

When your neck or back is injured in a car accident or an unintended fall, or when heavy lifting or repetitive motions at work stress certain sections of your body, spinal cord damage is a severe worry.

Four-ninths of spinal cord injuries is caused by automobile accidents, two-ninths by falls, another two-ninths by violent crimes, and the rest by diving mishaps, other sports accidents, and other reasons. Workers in the construction industry, in particular, are at a high risk of spinal cord damage.

A spinal cord injury can prevent you from working, leave you bedridden or confined to a wheelchair for the majority of the day, and make it difficult for you to overcome depression and maintain regular familial and social ties. On the other hand, enormous technical improvements have occurred in the last half-century, making it easier to live a full and active life even if you have a disability.

Brachial Plexus

The condition of wounded nerves in the arms, shoulders, and chest is referred to as "brachial plexus." It alters the impulses that pass from your spine to your upper body, similarly to spinal cord injuries. It is, however, a separate and different catastrophic damage.

If the nerves in your upper body are crushed, pulled, pushed out of place, or stretched, they can be seriously damaged, resulting in painful, debilitating symptoms. Less egregious types of brachial plexus are sometimes referred to as "stingers" by those who play football or other contact sports. During labor, the brachial plexus nerves can potentially be damaged. Inflammations, tumors, radiation treatment, and vehicle accident injuries can all contribute to this illness.

Vision Loss as a Result of a Trauma

Vision loss is prevalent among people who have had a major traumatic event in their lives. It can be total or partial vision loss, and it can be transient or permanent. It most commonly occurs when a patient is unconscious, although it can sometimes occur while awake.

Significant head trauma is the most common cause of vision loss. Unfortunately, people are sometimes oblivious of how their eyesight has changed until they are tested and questioned due to high levels of discomfort and disorientation. During an eye exam, the outside look of the eye and its motions will be observed.

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Do I Have Legal Grounds for Catastrophic Injury Compensation?

You may be uncertain whether you have a claim for compensation after an unfortunate accident. Your incident must satisfy two conditions to qualify for compensation:

  • Another party's negligence contributed to the accident.

  • You or a member of your family was injured as a result of the collision.

You can speak with a car accident lawyer about your worries about what constitutes negligence and what a "serious" injury means. If your accident fits both of these requirements, you and your California Personal Injury Lawyer will start building your claim right away.

Also, keep in mind that if a loved one died as a result of the accident, you might be able to file a Wrongful Death claim instead.

What is The Statute of Limitations in California?

The statute of limitations is a limited allowable timeframe for filing a lawsuit. If you do not bring your case within that time frame, you will forfeit your right to recover damages.

In California, a personal injury lawsuit has a two-year statute of limitations. It begins when you become aware of the injury, or reasonably should have become aware of it.

Find A Catastrophic Injury Attorney in California

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