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Suing For Civil Child Abuse Claims in California

Find A California Personal Injury Attorney For Child Abuse Civil Claims

Children are frequently defenseless and reliant on adults. They are likely to have few options if the adults in their lives cause them harm. Report the incident of abuse and contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in California to forward civil actions on top of criminal ones.

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Child Abuse In California

It's difficult for a child to imagine going anywhere else if their parents abuse them. If their babysitter or caretaker hurts them, it's their word against the adult caretakers', who might dismiss it as a child's dramatic imagination.

People who have frequent contact with the child, such as neighbors, teachers, physicians, therapists, or the police, may detect child abuse. Bruises, bruises, fractured bones, and burns are all symptoms of child abuse, particularly recurring injuries that the child either refuses to explain or for which the child gives an unusual explanation.

Neglect manifests itself in poor grooming, an untidy appearance, a lack of weather-appropriate clothing, excessive exhaustion or hunger, repeated illnesses, or school absences. In addition, special attention should be given to children who are overly withdrawn, afraid, recoil from touch, or express a desire to return home.

Emotional outbursts or inappropriate babyish behavior can also be signs of abuse. Many of these signs and symptoms might also be signs of sexual assault. A child's abnormal shame, lack of sexual sensitivity, or sexually provocative behavior are indicators that they have been sexually abused.

What's the Difference Between Personal Injury and Criminal Lawsuits?

Personal injury claims are distinguished from criminal actions by the fact that they are civil in nature. If you win a civil lawsuit, you will be granted punitive damages to pay medical, therapeutic, psychiatric, and therapy expenditures, as well as to reimburse the victim for physical pain and sorrow.

It is possible to prosecute both a criminal and a civil personal injury case at the same time. Because a civil lawsuit requires many relevant facts, but a criminal case requires "evidence beyond a reasonable doubt," the requirements for proving personal harm are less stringent.
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In the unfortunate case that the criminal suit is dismissed (or the sanctions are insufficient), the complainants can claim for actual damages as well as potential future losses to the victim.

For any confusion on the matter, consult an Attorney in California to see the full extent of your legal options.

How California Law Defines Child Abuse

The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act is divided into four sections:

  1. Physical. When an infant or a child is injured due to physical abuse such as hitting, kicking, shaking, hurling, or beating, regardless of the reason, this occurs.

  2. Emotional. This is defined as a pattern of care that, over time, affects a child's emotional development. This can involve the denial of affection or encouragement, threats, harsh criticism, or excessively limiting the youngster.

  3. Neglect. Child neglect includes:

    1. Failing to supervise or care for a child properly.

    2. Failing to meet a child's fundamental needs.

    3. Exposing or subjecting a child to domestic violence.

    4. Failing to offer education or make allowances for a child's special educational needs.

  4. Sexual. Persuading, deceiving, or coercing a child to engage in or help with sexual conduct, such as rape, child trafficking, indecent exposure, or child exploitation through the manufacture of pornographic materials.

Contact a California Personal Injury Attorney to piece the elements of your case.

What to Report and How to Report Child Abuse

Even though the Department of Children and Family Services urges everyone to report suspected child abuse and neglect, no occupation is obligated by law to do so.

While the reporter's identity should be kept hidden, a name should be given so that the department can contact them if necessary.

The person who reports a case of alleged child abuse or neglect in good faith is immune from civil and criminal liability.

Here are the types of information that should be shared:

  1. The nature of the incident(s) you're describing in detail

  2. Dates and descriptions of injuries or threats

  3. The perpetrator(s)' identity and relationship(s) with the child

  4. The present location of the child

  5. The current situation of the child

  6. Any available tangible evidence should be discussed in detail

  7. The attacker has current access to the child

  8. Witnesses to the incident, as well as how to contact them

  9. Comments from the child/children, if possible

Allegations of child abuse and neglect are collected and investigated by a separate organization or department in each state. Child protective services (CPS) are usually in charge of this under the Department of Social Services or the Department of Human Resources.

Failure to report child abuse can result in penalties, prison time, and civil liability for the physical injury, impairment, pain and suffering, medical bills, and possibly lost earnings of the affected child. A California Personal Injury Attorney needs ample time to calculate the abuse's physical, mental, and psychological damage.

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Companies (And Their HR) Must Now Report Abuse of Children

The California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Law implemented in 1980 requires some "required reporters" to report suspected child abuse to authorities.

According to the law, physical and sexual abuse (including sexual misconduct and sexual exploitation), purposeful violence or unjustified punishment, unlawful punishment or harm, and neglect are all types of child abuse.

The law has been amended numerous times throughout the years, including new categories of people who must report. Starting Jan. 1, 2021, specific California human resources and frontline managers will be referred to as required reporters.

Child assault must be reported by "human resources workers" working for enterprises with at least five employees. Again, it's essential to emphasize that just sexual abuse is required of supervisors, not other forms of child abuse.

Employers who are subject to the law are required to provide training to employees who have reporting responsibilities. The training must cover both the detection and recording of child abuse and neglect.

Find A Child Abuse and Neglect Attorney in California

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