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Have You Been Injured on a Cruise? Review Your Legal Options

Find A California Personal Injury Attorney for Cruise Accidents

Taking a holiday cruise might be an excellent opportunity to discover new areas while on vacation. On the other hand, if guests or crew members are harmed on board, a pleasurable cruise can rapidly turn disastrous. If you were hurt on a cruise ship, you need a committed, sympathetic, and experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in California.

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Is A Cruise Line Liable for Your Injuries?

Passengers on cruise ships have a right to be treated fairly. Cruise ships must protect their passengers from bodily harm wherever possible, and they must ensure that they arrive safely in port. When cruise ships break this commitment, and a passenger is damaged or injured, the cruise liner may be held liable for the damages.

Suppose a cruise ship is involved in an accident. In that case, a Personal Injury Lawsuit against the owner, the chartering firm, the operator, or the corporation that sold the ticket may be filed. In addition, if the accident were caused by a third party on the cruise ship, the victim would be able to pursue a personal injury claim against that person or organization.

Like any other type of personal injury event, negligence aboard a cruise ship can take numerous forms. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, a range of people can be held accountable for an injury and the damages sustained due to the harm, including individual employees or the cruise line itself. However, injuries can occur as a result of some of the most common types of negligence.

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Guests may fall ill from food poisoning, or the ship may collide with another vessel, tilt, or go aground due to cruise ship negligence. An expert California Personal Injury Lawyer will advise you on the proper legal course of action if you or a loved one has been injured or sickened on a cruise ship due to carelessness.

What Should You Do If You're Hurt on a Cruise?

The International Maritime Organization's criteria would most likely apply if your accident or disease occurred more than three miles from shore. You should call an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in California soon, since the occurrence itself and the location of the incident will affect when and how you file a personal injury case against the cruise line.

Take into account the following:

  • If you have an accident, succumb to illness, or are attacked, immediately alert the ship's Safety or Security Officer. It's a mistake to let fear or shame keep you from speaking out about what happened. Instead, the cruise line should create a "passenger injury declaration" and provide you a copy to document your injury.

  • The Ship Infirmary is the place you go if you need medical help. After seeking first aid and medical assistance, request a copy of your onboard and offshore medical history. Make the health and safety of yourself or a loved one a primary priority. Keeping thorough records of all medical expenses is essential.

  • Make touch with the appropriate government agencies. For example, if a crime was committed, you would need to inform the local police or the FBI. Over-reporting is better than failing to report to the relevant body, which may vary depending on whether the ship was in port or at sea.

  • Create a case for yourself. If you need to speak with a cruise ship injury lawyer:

    • Don't let crew members or local authorities treat the problem "under the table" or minimize and disregard it.

    • Keep a note of the crew members' names and titles who were engaged in the incident or with whom you discussed it after that.

    • Take images of the documents with your phone if you don't get copies of anything.

  • With photos or video, document the injuries and the location where they occurred. Assume some unhealthy situations exist and try to demonstrate them as clearly as possible. If your interview with the Safety Officer or Ship's Doctor is recorded, you have the right to a copy or to make your own.

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  • When speaking, be cautious. The cruise line's forms or interviews may pose leading questions or attempt to shift blame to the passenger by utilizing your stunning responses as proof that the injured person shared blame for the accident or illness later on. Give a complete account of any careless crew behavior or hazardous ship circumstances, but don't accept responsibility, make excuses, or apologize.

  • Gather documents and witness contact information. People worldwide may have witnessed the cruise ship catastrophe or the hazardous conditions that resulted in sickness or injuries. Gather the contact information of any witnesses and any recorded testimonies and copies of any evidence they may have, such as photos or videos.

  • Speak with a professional. There's a lot of fine print on your cruise ticket, boarding documents, and any assumption of risk forms you signed to participate in ship-sponsored events. These waivers and disclaimers are intended to safeguard the cruise line while fulfilling its duty of care for the passengers' safety and well-being. In addition, there must have been negligence to file a personal injury lawsuit that contributed to a passenger's accident or illness.

  • Don't wait to take action. A cruise ship sickness or accident must be reported within six months, and a lawsuit must be filed within one year. If you're on the fence about filing a lawsuit or aren't sure if you have a case, consult with an experienced California Personal Injury Lawyer.

What Are The Other Caveats to Cruise Ship Accidents?

On cruise ships, passengers are frequently asked to sign lengthy contracts that limit their legal rights in the event of an injury. According to your agreement, any personal injury, wrongful death, or civil negligence case must most likely be filed within a set time limit and in a specific area.

Find A Cruise Accident Attorney in California can help you find a Contingency Lawyer for your Personal Injury Case in California. You can complete our submission form for a free case review. No win, no fees!


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