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Were You Bitten By A Dog? Look At Your Legal Options In California

Many people believe that there is no such thing as a vicious dog and that many aggressive canines result from neglect and poor living conditions. While the human impact on most dogs' temperament is significant, no one can ever predict how a dog would behave in every situation. You should set up an appointment with a Personal Injury Lawyer in California to help you sort through legal options.

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In California's Dog Bite Law, what Does a "Bite" Mean?

If a dog grabs someone with its teeth but doesn't break the skin, it may still be regarded as a bite. After a worker fell from his ladder after a dog clenched its jaws on his pants, the court determined that the animal's owner was responsible for the injuries.

What Qualifies As A Dog Bite Personal Injury Claim In California?

Many dogs with no known history of aggression attack people unexpectedly, and it's impossible to determine why. This is why dog owners must exercise extreme caution and vigilance to protect people from potentially lethal pets.

Military and law enforcement agencies both benefit from dogs. For example, if a police dog bites and restrains a fleeing suspect, the suspect may not be entitled to sue because the bite happened while the dog was performing its duties. In addition, those who provoke dogs to attack or abuse them are also banned from alleging that a dog attacked in self-defense or retaliation.

If you've been seriously injured in a dog attack in California, who can help you receive the compensation and fair results you deserve? Who can guarantee that your rights would be protected if a dog bite results in medical bills, scarring, or other injuries?

Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer in California to help you draft your claim.

When Dog Owners Do Not Look After Their Animals

Victims who have been injured by dogs that did not bite them, such as when the dogs destroyed their bicycle wheel or chased them on a motorcycle, resulting in an accident, will not be helped by California's strict liability laws.

That isn't to imply they aren't open to alternative possibilities. For example, injured victims may be eligible for compensation to prove that the dog owners' negligence caused their injuries.

For example, consider what happens if a dog jumps on a child playing on the sidewalk and scratches their eye. If the parents of the victim file a case, they must establish that the dog's owner failed to exercise reasonable care in controlling the animal, such as keeping it on a leash or in a fenced-in yard.

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The Laws Concerning Dangerous Dogs in California

While California's strict liability dog-bite statutes apply regardless of the animal's past, another state law holds owners liable for making "necessary efforts" to "avoid any threat" of future attacks if their dogs have bitten someone before.

You can file a legal lawsuit against the owner of a dog that has bitten a human twice (in separate incidents) or a trained attack dog that has seriously injured someone with even a single bite.

The dog's owner could be compelled to take steps to prevent future attacks, such as removing the dog from the area or having it put down by the court. However, a dog's history of biting trespassers or bites by police or military dogs in the field cannot be used to justify legal action.

Ask your California Personal Injury Attorney for the specifics of your claim.

What Causes Dog Bites?

When dogs are frightened or intimidated, they may bite. However, dogs bite people for a variety of causes that are beyond their control.

The most common causes of dog bites are as follows:


Even if a dog has never been violent before, it can become aggressive when it is sick or in pain from an injury. They're always on the defensive, and anyone who touches a painful body part may be bitten.


When a dog is terrified, it is more likely to attack. You could be approaching them too closely or in a way that makes them feel threatened. Your acts could be taken as a threat even though you weren't trying to provoke them.


Playing is something that dogs like doing. However, a harmless play could result in a dog bite injury if things get too rough or the dog becomes overly excited.

The dog appears to be startled.

Even if you didn't do anything to startle the dog, if you're standing or sitting close by, they might take out their fright on you.


Dogs can be irritating when it comes to their toys, food, and other personal belongings. An innocent attempt to attract the dog to play fetch with the toy you're holding could end in a dog bite injury.


Female dogs, in particular, are known to be passionate protectors of their puppies. When the puppies are unsupervised or nursing, a mother dog may see your approach as a threat to their protection.

If you did nothing to provoke the dog to bite, you should be able to seek compensation for your losses. Contact a California Personal Injury Attorney to get started.

What Should You Do If A Dog Bit You?

The aftermath of a dog bite can be perplexing and terrifying, but it's also crucial for gathering the proof you'll need to seek compensation for your injuries. If a dog has bitten you, take these steps to avoid further damage and sickness, as well as to preserve evidence for your future lawsuit.

Get to safety as quickly as possible after a dog bite.

Go inside, jump in a car, or knock on someone's door to get away from the dog. As soon as you are secure from the threatening animal, you can seek aid.

Make a 911 call if you're in danger.

As a result, police officers and medical staff will arrive on the site. After speaking with a police officer, you will receive a police report, which will be helpful evidence in your case. In addition, if you don't know who the dog's owner is, the police can help you locate and identify them.

Get medical care as soon as possible.

Dogs' mouths can harbor various dangerous bacteria, which they can transfer to humans via bites. In addition, dog bites can result in infections such as tetanus, rabies, and sepsis.

The sooner you get treatment, the more likely you are to avoid these issues. Additionally, your medical records will be critical evidence in your case.

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Document everything.

Take photos of the scene, your injury, and anything else that will help you with your claim. Write down or take note of everything you remember about the attack, including the pain you're in from the injuries and any loss of mobility or function, along with the images. It's necessary to have detailed information about what happened, and writing it down will help you remember important details.

It's best to stay away from both the dog owners and their insurance companies.

You are not required to speak with the dog owners or their insurance company. Frequently, you will make a clear statement that is later used against you. If the insurance company tries to make you a settlement offer, don't agree to anything or sign any paperwork until you've consulted with an experienced California Personal Injury Attorney.

Find A Bog Bite Attorney in California can help you find a Contingency Lawyer for your Personal Injury Case in California. You can complete our submission form for a free case review. No win, no fees!


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