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Suing Someone For Causing Spinal Cord Injuries

Find A California Personal Injury Attorney for Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are frightening, and they often render a person unable to return to the life they had before the injury. If you or a loved one was in an accident, you may have racked up a mountain of medical bills and lost a significant amount of money. If someone else's negligence caused the injury, you should contact a California Personal Injury Attorney to help you file a compensation claim.

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What Are The Consequences Of Back Injuries?

As you can see, a spinal cord injury can have a wide range of consequences—your body's nerves flow down your spine and return to your core. In addition, you will need medical therapy for the rest of your life if you have a significant spinal injury.

Only an experienced California Personal Injury Lawyer can advise you if you should settle or fight for the full value of your negligence claim. However, you must not go through this challenging period without legal assistance. Otherwise, you will be forced to sue someone who caused your injury.

What Are The Signs of A Spinal Cord Injury?

A complete injury occurs when all of your feeling and muscular functioning is lost. The term "incomplete injury" refers to the fact that nerve impulses continue to flow through the afflicted areas of the spinal cord, but only partially.

The location of the damage in your spine can influence the intensity of your symptoms and the treatment you receive. Some of the symptoms of a spinal injury include:

  1. Radiating discomfort on one side of your body (unilateral) that also extends down your arm.

  2. Pain spreading from both sides of your body, down your arms, and into both sides of your body (bilateral)

  3. Tingling or numbness in the extremities of the body (hands and feet)

  4. Your fingers and toes are tingling or numb (knuckles and toes)

The prognosis for a patient's complete or partial recovery is unknown, and vehicle accidents that result in temporary or long-term paralysis can occasionally bring families' worst fears true.

Spinal cord injuries require a lot of expensive treatments. Contact a California Personal Injury Attorney to sue for damages.

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What Should You Do If You Think You Might Have a Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal nerve tension, produced by simple movements such as resting in bed for lengthy periods, exacerbates back fracture pain. A bulging disc injury can result in severe, intense pain in the trapezius, upper rhomboids, or scapula, as well as ongoing back, leg, neck, and shoulder pain.

  • Examine Your Adrenaline Boost. Shortly after an accident, a victim's body releases adrenaline. This rush might cause euphoria, masking the severity of the damage. This natural human response aids us in fighting or fleeing, but it can also exacerbate the issue. When the adrenaline wears off, you can have excruciating pain in your back, feet, legs, or hands, which could spread to other parts of your body. A situation like this aggravates the problem. So make an appointment with a doctor soon away.

  • Obtaining an MRI or CT Scan. X-rays can only be used to picture hard tissue. As a result, they are aware of several issues. For example, they can detect cervical lordosis. As a result, diagnosing whiplash or another similar modality is no longer an issue.

    • Damaged tissue can be detected using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans, on the other hand. As a result, it is more capable of detecting spinal injuries.

  • Go to the nearest hospital. Following a serious injury, this is one of the most necessary treatments. For X-rays, Cat scans, MRIs, and other tests, you will be transported to the hospital in an ambulance. Additionally, as a result of this, you will be checked out and stabilized. Unfortunately, many people involved in car accidents do not seek medical attention or hire a California Personal Injury Lawyer.

    • Insurance company lawyers take advantage of these victims, accusing them of faking injuries and saying nothing to decrease or eliminate their insurance payments.

  • You should not bargain with insurance companies. Insurance companies hope to persuade juries that newer automobiles will keep them safe in the event of a catastrophic accident. These companies want to deprive a victim of the most money possible. They don't explain that newer cars don't have the same crumple zones as previous cars, allowing the collision force to be transferred to the occupants.

    • Many spinal cord injuries necessitate physical therapy. In addition, occupational therapy is an integral part of the recovery process. Both of these things make it difficult to complete day-to-day duties. All of this results in financial losses.

    • Insurance companies may accuse the claimant of not treating their injuries properly. It's a lose-lose situation that no one can overcome by themselves.

What to Do If a Wrongful Death Occurs

If you or a loved one was in an accident that results in the death of one or more people, you may be able to pursue other legal remedies in addition to personal injury.

If the victim died without a will and there were no live children, brothers, or other relatives to inherit, the damages would go to the victim's parents and stepchildren who were financially dependent on them.

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Survival Lawsuits

If the victim did not die immediately, a survival action could be filed alongside a wrongful death claim. Any estate beneficiary is entitled to a part of the award if the victim's estate files a survival action claim.

Compensation will be granted in some situations for the loss of one or more of the following:

  • The victim's partner has a communal property stake in any possible gains.

  • Family members who would have been eligible for aid if the deceased had not been killed have experienced financial losses.

  • For the survivor, relationships with spouses or domestic partners are lost (which in turn is a loss of love, companionship, comfort, care, assistance, protection, affection, culture, and moral support)

  • The survivor no longer has the ability to care for, teach, educate, or direct their children or stepchildren.

  • The victim's agony and suffering and 'out-of-pocket' losses, such as treatment costs and lost income, are all incorporated into survival benefits between the time of the accident and the time of death.

If this sounds too complicated, or if you're unsure if your case qualifies for any of the following claims, you should obtain legal guidance from an experienced California Personal Injury Lawyer.

Find A Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in California can help you get a Contingency Attorney for Personal Injury Claims in California. No win, no fees! Complete our submission form for a free case review.


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