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Truck Accidents in California: Your Personal Injury Claims

Find A California Personal Injury Lawyer For Truck Accident Claims

Due to their sheer size, trucks are more likely to cause severe injuries. If you have ever been in a Truck Accident due to someone else's negligence, you should immediately find a Personal Injury Attorney in California.

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What Causes Truck Accidents?

While there are numerous causes for a truck collision, we discovered that the following are the most common factors in California truck accidents:

  • Caused by drivers. Anything linked to the driver's performance or behaviors that contributed to the truck accident is a performance cause for truck accidents. The most prevalent offense we discovered was speeding. Speeding is, by far, the most common cause contributing to fatal vehicle accidents, accounting for more than 25% of all fatal vehicle accidents each year.

    • Speeding is significantly more dangerous for huge trucks because they must stop over a long distance, and speeding just increases the chances of an accident. In addition, due to the vehicle's weight, speeding affects its stability, making it more difficult for the truck to navigate.

  • Caused by mechanical factors. A mechanical cause refers to any issues with the truck that led to the collision. The most common contributing component in this category is tires. Tire blowouts are extremely dangerous and can result in a rollover. Tire problems, on the other hand, can be avoided with proper care.

    • Brake difficulties are a common mechanical issue in truck accidents, accounting for nearly 29% of all collisions. This includes brake failure and worn brakes, which are both responsible for delayed stops. However, brake problems can be avoided entirely with proper maintenance.

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Who's To Blame in Truck Accidents?

Human error is responsible for over 90% of car accidents. These occurrences may have been unintentional to the extent that they were unintended. However, we all make mistakes now and then. All of us must accept responsibility for the injuries we inflict.

California health insurance companies frequently deny Injury-related claims for liability reasons. If there is a chance that someone else may cover these expenditures, the insurance company will not cover them.

Several people are critically hurt in vehicular accidents. They are merely unaware of it. The adrenaline of the incident also conceals several major injuries. But, of course, this is only a short-term outcome.

Similarly, the brain excels at masking its own vulnerability. When concussed, football players declare they'll return to the game because they "feel good," they're not lying. In the vast majority of circumstances, they are perfectly acceptable. In vehicular accidents, head injuries, particularly whiplash, are prevalent.

How Do You Prove Driver Negligence?

These are the main elements of a typical California negligence case, such as a vehicle accident:

  • Care of Duty. The neighbor notion has changed throughout time. Noncommercial drivers are usually expected to drive cautiously. They must follow all traffic laws, and they must drive defensively. Many business operators in California are common carriers.

    • The treatment of these operators is held to a higher level. They aren't yet insurance firms for the safety of their passengers, but they are on their way.

    • If a driver's actions fall below the applicable degree of treatment, they violate their duties. However, because not every poor behavior is a breach of duty, the jury usually decides on this fact-based question.

    • Talking to passengers, for example, is considered distracted driving because it diverts the driver's attention and concentration away from the road. On the other hand, most people would not regard such behavior to constitute a breach of duty.

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  • Causation. Most truck accident lawyers refer to this as "but-for" causation. In other words, if the tortfeasor (negligent actor) had not acted carelessly, the accident would not have occurred.

  • Proximate Cause. Lawyers use another phrase for foreseeability. For example, a truck is more likely to careen off the road and strike a pedestrian after a collision. It is, however, impossible to know whether a doctor will make a medical error during surgery.

  • Damages. To receive compensation in California, plaintiffs must be physically wounded. It could be a personal injury or a property loss. Trucking accident victims are typically entitled to compensation for economic and non-economic damages, including medical expenses and pain and suffering. Additional punitive damages may be available in severe cases.

Having a California Truck Accident Lawyer by your side can help you get the compensation you deserve.

What If You Were Partially at Fault for the Crash?

You would be entitled to compensation even if you were somewhat to blame for the accident. In California, if you were not entirely at fault, you would be allowed to at least some compensation. Your settlement and reward will be reduced due to your percentage of fault.

What Is a Truck Accident Case's Statute of Limitations?

In a truck accident case, the statute of limitations establishes a deadline for filing a lawsuit. Personal injury cases in California have a two-year statute of limitations. This implies you have two years to launch a lawsuit from the date of your injury.

After that, you won't be allowed to file your case again unless there are extraordinary circumstances if you don't file it within this time frame. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in California right now if you need assistance filing your lawsuit on time.

Find A Truck Accident Attorney in California

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