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How Do I File A Claim After A Bus Accident

Bus Crashes And Personal Injury Claims In California

Buses are typically regarded as among the safest vehicles on the road, but that does not imply they are without risk of collision. And when a bus crash does happen, it can be dangerous for everyone involved. Passengers and the drivers are frequently injured as a result.

Bus accidents happen all the time in Los Angeles and throughout California. As a result, you might be entitled to compensation if you were hurt in a bus accident in California.

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What Makes Bus Collisions So Dangerous?

Bus accidents are uncommon, but when they do happen, they may be disastrous. The deadly nature of these accidents is due to a number of causes.

For starters, there's the sheer size of a typical bus. Compared to conventional passenger cars, school buses, city buses, charter buses, tour buses, and similar vehicles are massive. Unfortunately, they're also quite heavy. They also tend to cause significant damage to other cars while also causing severe injuries to their occupants.

What's more, they're frequently top-heavy. They're built this way to provide travelers with additional space and comfort. The disadvantage is that it increases the likelihood of buses rolling over in collisions. As you might expect, passengers do not fare well when a bus rolls over. You may get significant injuries if you are in another vehicle involved in a rollover accident with a bus.

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What Do You Do When You're Injured?

Getting into an accident has unfortunate consequences. When you're injured, you're going to have to pay for medical bills and rehab fees to recover. Not to mention, some injuries might take you out of work for a while, leading to income loss and other emotional consequences.

Because so many buses are owned and run by government bodies such as counties and cities, the process of recovering damages for bus accident injuries can be complicated, necessitating the assistance of a Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyer.

For one thing, the time limit for launching a lawsuit against a government institution is extremely short. You may lose your opportunity to safeguard your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve if you do not act soon. Government agencies, on the other hand, have vast resources at their disposal. Taking them on without the assistance of skilled legal counsel is a recipe for catastrophe.

The most important thing after a bus accident is to make sure you are safe. Seek medical help before doing anything else. Retain an experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer after you are stable and no longer in danger.

The earlier you start, the better. Insurance firms are likely to pressure you into accepting an unfavorable payment whether the bus was owned by the government, a school, or a private enterprise.

Most Personal Injury cases don't actually proceed to trial. Usually, it is settled among the victim and the at-fault, along with their insurance providers and lawyers.

However, you should remember that insurance firms are, first and foremost, a business. Therefore, it is in their interest to give you the lowest possible payout, to the point where they're pressuring you or trivializing the severity of your injuries. Getting a California Personal Injury Lawyer makes sure you aren't left vulnerable to these tactics.

Who Do You Hold Responsible For Bus Accidents?

Even in the worst-case scenarios, the passenger is not at fault. Buses are classified as "common carriers" under California law, and as such, they owe a special duty of care to individuals they convey. This means that any personal injury or property damage caused by the bus driver's negligence or bad upkeep is the bus operator's responsibility.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the individuals or groups accountable for the accident may vary. The liable parties are referred to as "defendants" by the injured party in a personal injury claim.

Defendants may include, in addition to bus drivers:

  1. Conductor

  2. Supervisor of a bus driver

  3. Owner of a bus

  4. Owner of a tour bus company

  5. The driver of a school bus

  6. Provider of charter bus services

  7. Operators of other vehicles

  8. a corporation or a group that maintains buses

  9. If it's a city, county, or state government agency:

    1. a person who owns a bus stop

    2. Manufacturing firm for buses

    3. Manufacturer of bus parts

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In some cases, many defendants may share responsibility for the accident. The plaintiff will be reimbursed under California's "comparative fault" statute if they are partially to blame for the accident. The damages, however, are limited based on the plaintiff's percentage of fault.

In most bus accident personal injury claims, the plaintiff will seek damages by demonstrating that the defendant's negligence is the one that caused the accident.

What Is The Deadline For Filing A Personal Injury Claim?

Most personal injury cases have a two-year "statute of limitations." Therefore, the deadline a plaintiff has to file a lawsuit is referred to as the statute of limitations.

The plaintiff will not obtain damages if they do not submit a case within the statute of limitations.

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