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What Can Families Get From Wrongful Death In Beverly Hills?

A Quick Rundown Of Wrongful Death Claims In California

When a family breadwinner dies, the family members left behind must find out how to carry on, which can be challenging. Survivors frequently require financial assistance in order to remain in their homes, pay their bills, and plan for the future.

That said, here's a quick guide on Wrongful Death Claims, as often handled by Beverly Hills Wrongful Death Lawyers in California.

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How Is Wrongful Death Defined In California?

Any death caused by wrongful or negligent conduct is referred to as a wrongful death.

If the victim had lived, they might have filed a personal injury case seeking compensation from the individual who had hurt them. However, just because the victim died does not absolve the person who inflicted the harm.

The party that caused your loved one's death can be prosecuted and sued for wrongful death.

Let's discuss the specific legal requirements of Wrongful Death Claims in California.

Who Can Sue For Wrongful Death?

Who can file a wrongful death claim in California is defined by the state's wrongful death statute:

  • The spouse or domestic partner who survives

  • The children who have survived

  • If there are no survivors, anyone entitled to the property, such as the deceased person's siblings

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The Act also allows certain people who were financially dependent on the deceased to file a California wrongful death claim:

  • The putative spouse of the decedent

  • Any children born to the putative spouse

  • The deceased's stepchildren

  • The decedent person's parents

Remember that whoever comes first on the list has the most standing to sue for wrongful death.

If you are unsure if you have the legal standing to file a wrongful death claim, you should schedule a free consultation with a prescreened Beverly Hills Wrongful Death Lawyer. We can assist you in reviewing your legal alternatives and explaining your rights.

What Can Your Family Get For Wrongful Death

If the accused party is found negligent or at fault for your loved one's death, you may be entitled to monetary damages. Wrongful death damages are intended to recompense survivors for their losses.

You may be entitled to get compensation for the following:

  • Decedent's Home Services And Contributions. Cooking, cleaning, child-rearing, and housework may have been done entirely by your loved one.

    • You'll have to hire someone else to complete these tasks now that they've passed away. You might be able to get a payment for it.

  • Financial Support That The Decedent Contributes. This is frequently a significant loss. You were probably counting on your spouse's income to help support the family if he or she died.

    • If you are the deceased's child, you should expect to be supported at least until you reach adulthood. You may be able to collect a monetary award to compensate for the loss of support.

  • Losses that are not quantifiable. Loss of affection, guidance, attention, moral support, and love are examples of these. The jury will have to apply their knowledge to determine how much money can be used to compensate you for your losses.

    • The estate can also seek compensation for specific costs, such as burial and funeral expenses, medical expenditures for the last illness, and any lost wages from the time of the accident until death.

Proving damages can be difficult, which is why you need an experienced Beverly Hills Wrongful Death Attorney.

To adequately assess the loss of financial assistance, an expert witness may be required to testify as to how much your loved one could have made based on his degree and expertise had they lived.

Remember, you may need to testify in court about your relationship to help prove the loss of love and care.

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California's Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations

The time you have to pursue a wrongful death claim in California does not last indefinitely. Instead, it establishes a two-year statute of limitations.

From the day of your loved one's death, a two-year clock begins to tick.

If you fail to file your wrongful death claim on time, the defendant has the right to ask to dismiss your case. As a result, the offender will be entirely exonerated, and surviving family members will receive no remuneration.

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