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What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

Protecting Your Rights After A Motorcycle Accident In California

Motorcycle accidents tend to have dire consequences. They frequently necessitate immediate medical help. Even if the motorist had been wearing a helmet, colliding with a bigger vehicle—like a car, van, or bus—makes the rider more vulnerable than if they drove a car.

Here's a guide on what to do when you get into a motorcycle accident, from calling 911 to finding a Personal Injury Lawyer in California.

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If the accident is not severe enough to necessitate medical attention, follow these steps:

1. Dial 911

Dialing 911 can get you an ambulance and the police on the scene.

The police have a lot of expertise investigating accidents and can typically figure out who is to blame. In addition, insurance companies' decisions on whether or not to take responsibility for a motorcycle accident are frequently influenced by police reports.

That said, the initial police assessment might be wrong, so try to get a copy of the police report after it becomes publicly available.

Similarly, even if you don't think you have any injuries from the accident, you should still get checked out by a medical professional. Your medical records will also prove the injuries you sustained in a Personal Injury Claim.

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The other driver's insurance company or attorneys may claim that you weren't seriously hurt enough to seek medical attention right after the collision. As a result, it's advisable to get medical help as soon as possible.

2. Find Eyewitnesses

If one or more witnesses approach you, write down their name and contact information. When the investigating officer comes to the conclusion that someone is to blame, they will include witness testimonies in their report to back up their findings.

Witnesses who make testimonies that contradict the officer's conclusions are occasionally left out of the police report. It is also possible for police to make an honest error and neglect to include a witness in a report.

Witnesses who leave the area before the police arrive are frequently left off of police reports, so make sure you write down their contact information before the police get there.

However, if you're too injured to move or speak with other people, a California Motorcycle Accidents Attorney might be able to track them down while doing their own investigations for your case.

3. Take Photos Of The Scene

If your phone has a camera and you're able to move after the incident, take photos of the scene.

Take photos of all the vehicles involved in the collision, from a distance if possible, so you can see everything that's on the scene. Take close-ups of the damaged property and other physical evidence.

You should also take photos of your injuries, preferably from various angles, and continue to do so while the injuries heal.

Additionally, you should also take photos to show road signs, weather conditions, cracks in the roads, and other things that can be related to the motorcycle accident.

Having these on hand should help you and your California Personal Injury Lawyer build a case.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Conversations With The Others Involved

You may need to speak with the other driver to get their insurance and other contact information, but it's better to keep the conversation to a minimum. Even if you believe your driving contributed to the collision, don't apologize to the other driver.

Even if you are partially at fault, their liability in the accident might be comparatively worth more than yours. Apologizing in this situation might be used to push all of the blame on you.

Keep your conversations with the other driver to a minimum and only speak to the police officer who comes at the site and paramedics if they are present.

It is in your best interests to contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. An experienced prescreened attorney can help you take the necessary procedures to safeguard your legal rights and compensation.

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Remember that it is in the best interest of insurance companies to gain profit. They have more motivation to give you the lowest possible insurance payout and might use underhanded tactics like trivializing your injuries and pushing the fault unto you.

A California Personal Injury Attorney can handle all the paperwork and legal procedures while you recover without additional stress. Additionally, if the insurance firm denies or fails to give you the compensation you deserve, an attorney can take things to court and fight for your rights.

If you're worried about finding the money to pay for lawyer fees, then a contingency plan might be the best option for you. You get to waive your payments to your attorney until you win your Personal Injury Case in California. can help you find a Contingency Lawyer. No win, no fees! You can complete our submission form or contact us through our live chat feature for a free case review.


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