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Get Compensation for Construction Accidents in California

Find A California Personal Injury Attorney For Construction Accidents

Construction sites have one of the highest rates of worker injuries of any industry. These injuries can be caused by work situations that are continuously changing, such as heavy equipment, machinery, power tools, and difficult site circumstances. Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in California to sue for damages.

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Construction Accidents From Hazardous Environments

The construction sector is hazardous, and construction employees are at a higher risk of occupational accidents than workers in almost any other field.

According to new numbers from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ('OSHA'), one out of every five workplace fatalities occurs in the construction industry. So if you have been hurt in a construction accident, you must get an expert California Personal Injury Lawyer to handle your case.

Construction accidents frequently end in significant injury. Therefore, you need someone to fight for your full financial recovery, especially if your ability to work (and earn a wage) is limited. You have a long rehabilitation period ahead of you.

Construction Work Can Lead to Serious Injuries in Some Cases

Construction accidents and injuries frequently result in severe and permanently crippling injuries. Doctor's appointments, new medications, and physical therapy are usually required when damages are severe. The road to recovery is likely to be a marathon of doctor's appointments, new prescriptions, and physical therapy.

Accidents can result in permanently disabling injuries in some situations, restricting the afflicted employee's earning potential in the future. Contact a Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer in California to handle particularly severe injuries.

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What Causes Them?

Depending on the source of the damage and whether any regulations were broken or negligence occurred, you may be eligible for more than just medical bills compensation, including compensation for pain and suffering, lost income, lost earning ability, and possible recovery.

Although there are a variety of construction mishaps that can cause injuries, the following are the most common:

  1. Falls. Working from a height, such as scaffoldings, cranes, ladders, or roofs, is typical in construction.

  2. Trenches. Many construction projects necessitate the digging of big holes or trenches for foundations or excavation. When a trench collapses, a construction worker may suffer physical injuries and oxygen deprivation or possibly suffocating death.

  3. Struck by objects. There are many moving parts on construction sites, and materials and equipment are continuously being used and transferred. If moving vehicles or building materials clash with workers, they may suffer serious injuries or become stuck or crushed between the objects.

  4. Electrocutions. Electrical structures in a building are frequently at various degrees of completion. Unfinished or ungrounded electrical systems dramatically increase the risk of electrocution. Symptoms range from unpleasant shock stimulation to severe burns and physical function damage throughout the body. Electrocution is a common cause of death.

  5. Faulty equipment. Power and non-powered tools, heavy machinery, and safety equipment can be defectively produced like any other product type. When equipment fails, construction workers are in danger of significant injury.

Contact a California Personal Injury Lawyer to review your case.

Identifying Who's Responsible

Construction injuries can result in costly medical bills and an inability to work for an extended length of time while recovering, which means lost wages. Therefore, accident victims should think about all of their financial recovery alternatives for this and other damages.

To begin with, a company's workers' compensation policy would cover numerous building accidents. However, these cases can be challenging in the case of severe injury. Having the assistance of a Personal Injury Attorney in California can get you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Third parties, such as equipment suppliers or on-site independent contractors, may be liable for injuries in some cases. In such circumstances, your California Construction Accident Lawyer will investigate the incident and aid you in receiving the benefits you are entitled to through the insurance process or filing a personal injury lawsuit.

When A Third Party Is Liable

If the injuries you received in a construction accident were caused by someone other than your employer, you have the right to seek the compensation you deserve and require to fully heal.

Establishing third-party culpability is a challenging legal process that necessitates close cooperation with a dedicated and experienced California Personal Injury Lawyer.

When The Cause Is Irresponsible Recruitment

In particular circumstances, the contractor might be held accountable for serious negligence in a construction accident. However, such matters are exceedingly complicated and require the assistance of a California Personal Injury Attorney.

Examples of irresponsible recruitment are as follows:

  • Hiring an unlicensed worker or machine operator

  • Failing to implement appropriate work training

  • Hiring a worker who has not fulfilled required training

While each construction accident case—or construction accident in general—has its own set of circumstances, it's crucial to understand and fully flesh out the claim to hold the irresponsible party accountable for your damages.

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What if you were partially to blame for your injuries in a construction accident? Whether you're pursuing workers' compensation coverage or a separate construction accident case, the answer to this issue varies.

In a workers' compensation case, the fault isn't an issue. Therefore, neither the employer's nor the employee's responsibility is considered when determining whether an injured individual is entitled to compensation.

If you're pursuing a construction accident lawsuit and believe you're partly to blame, you should understand more about how California's comparative fault statute may affect your recovery. California is a state with "pure comparative faults," according to the classification.

This means that a claimant can receive damages even if they are somewhat at fault. At the same time, due to her percentage of fault, the plaintiff's damages would be reduced. This is true whether the complainant is 5 percent or 95 percent at fault.

Your California Personal Injury Attorney will know how to handle the specifics of comparative fault claims.

Find A Construction Accident Attorney in California

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