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Were You Permanently Disabled After An Accident?

Find A California Personal Injury Lawyer For Permanent Disabilities

There's no telling how an accident might affect your health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, the sustained injuries can be severe in some cases. If you have become permanently disabled due to an accident, consider speaking to a Personal Injury Lawyer in California.

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What Qualifies As A Permanent Disability?

Permanent disabilities are irreversible and life-altering injuries that affect a claimant's capacity to participate in day-to-day tasks. Examples of permanent disabilities can be any of the following:

  • Amputations

  • Permanent brain damage

  • Broken bones

  • Injuries to the spinal cord

  • Third-degree burns

  • Severe scarring

  • Disfigurement

  • Loss of sight

  • Loss of hearing

Any injury that necessitates immediate or long-term medical attention, especially ones the continually plague a claimant's everyday life, can be considered a permanent disability.

Consult your California Personal Injury Attorney to correctly identify all the crucial elements of your case.

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Why Are Permanent Disabilities Different From Typical Personal Injury Claims?

As mentions, permanent disabilities are life-altering. This means that you now have continuous difficulties that you will have to accommodate for after the accident. No matter how long ago it was, permanent disabilities continue to plague claimants years after the accident.

This means that permanent disabilities qualify as Catastrophic Injuries in California.

In a civil case, the definition of a catastrophic injury might be subjective. Depending on the victim's age, health, pre-existing conditions, and other considerations, the same injury that could be fatal to one victim could be merely moderately harmful to another.

The severity of an injury is determined by how much it affects the victim's life. Consult a Catastrophic Injury Attorney if you're unsure whether your or a loved one's injury qualifies as catastrophic in California.

The severity of the injury is the critical distinction between a catastrophic injury and typical personal injuries. Catastrophic injuries interrupt a victim's life significantly. A common injury, on the other hand, will only have a temporary effect on the person.

  • A victim of a non-catastrophic injury will recover completely over several weeks or months.

  • A catastrophic injury will have long-term consequences for a victim, maybe for the remainder of their life.

While a common accident might result in significant medical bills and pain and suffering, these losses have a time limit. Catastrophic injuries, on the other hand, will have an unforeseeable outcome for the person.

Moreover, because a catastrophic injury is permanent, the victim suffers more extensive damages, such as lifelong medical care rather than a temporary treatment program. As a result, the settlement and verdict values for catastrophic injury lawsuits in California are often higher than those for ordinary damage claims.

A catastrophic injury case in California may be subject to the state's noneconomic damages cap. In addition, medical malpractice claims in California are subject to a $250,000 noneconomic damage cap imposed by the legislation.

This damage cap means that no victim can receive more than $250,000 in noneconomic damages in a medical negligence case. However, there is no cap on noneconomic damages for other sorts of claims. Although this cap may apply to any medical malpractice damage claim, it is more common in catastrophic injury cases.

A catastrophic injury will need you to shell out more money than you would have anticipated (especially before the accident), so it's crucial that you get the compensation you deserve. Let your California Personal Injury Lawyer calculate the costs for you.

How Much Can You Sue for When You Sustained Catastrophic Injuries?

After a catastrophic injury, having everything you need to care for yourself or a loved one is crucial. A catastrophic injury can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care alone throughout a victim's lifetime. This does not account for the additional expenditures of missed wages or property repairs.

Obtaining monetary compensation may allow you to pay for your catastrophic injury and look forward to the future with more confidence. It may also provide justice by holding the wrongdoer accountable.

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A claimant who suffered from a catastrophic injury may be entitled to more compensation for their losses than a victim of a lesser injury. The amount of compensation you can receive for your catastrophic injuries will be determined by the facts of your case:

  • Medical expenses. Throughout a victim's lifetime, the total costs of a catastrophic injury could surpass $1 million. You may be able to recover 100% of the medical and treatment costs associated with your catastrophic injury as a plaintiff.

  • Wages and earning ability. If you are unable to return to work due to an injury, you may be entitled to reclaim the wages you have already lost as well as anticipated future lost earnings.

  • Pain and Suffering. Catastrophic injuries result in a great deal of misery and anguish. Physical suffering, emotional distress, mental agony, psychological trauma, annoyance, embarrassment, lost quality of life, impaired enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium could all be covered by this type of compensation.

  • Repairs to your property. If the accident that caused your catastrophic injury also caused damage to your property, such as damage to your automobile in a car accident lawsuit, the defendant may be liable for property repairs or replacement.

  • Out-of-pocket expenses. You could include out-of-pocket costs in your personal injury case if your accident or the legal process resulted in them, such as travel expenses, attorney fees, court filing fees, health care deductibles, or property repairs.

  • Punitive damages. A judge may award punitive damages to penalize a defendant for gross carelessness, maliciousness, intent to hurt, recklessness, or willful disdain for the safety of others. In catastrophic injury cases, punitive damages are more common than in typical injury claims.

In California, the damages in catastrophic injury cases are frequently large. Therefore, it's crucial not to accept an insurance settlement offer before consulting with a California Personal Injury Lawyer.

Insurance companies frequently provide amounts that are not fair to the victims, particularly in cases of significant or catastrophic injuries. Your lawyer can negotiate fair compensation for your past and future losses with an insurance company.

Find A Catastrophic Injury Attorney in California

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