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What Are The Main Causes Of Plane Crashes?

A List Of The Most Common Causes Of Plane Accidents

Place crashes are so many people's worst nightmare. When it happens, the consequences are devastating. If passengers do not lose their life in the process, they might be left with severe, catastrophic injuries.

Commercial airlines are responsible for keeping their runways clear of unauthorized action that could jeopardize a flight's safety. If an accident happens during takeoff or landing, the airline may be held accountable for its personnel's negligent acts and unsafe operating methods.

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When a plane crash happens due to someone (or a group's) negligence, there are two possible legal options:

  • If a passenger survives, they'll have grounds for a Personal Injury Claim in California, where they'll be able to sue for medical bills, income losses, emotional distress damages, Pain and Suffering, and punitive damages.

  • If the passenger does not survive the crash, their loved ones will be eligible to file a Wrongful Death Suit. A successful claim can get the family compensation, including burial costs, lost income, emotional distress, and other non-economic damages.

It is important to know the cause of the accident to determine who to blame. Personal Injury Cases often hinge upon someone being negligent and finding whose carelessness caused the accident will help you find a defendant to file your claims against.

That said, passengers and flight attendants may be eligible to sue for damages if they have been injured as a result of:

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1. Operational Accidents

Air traffic controllers are most important in the event of an airplane collision or a runway collision. Air traffic controllers are required to follow tight restrictions as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) workers to guarantee that planes keep a safe distance from obstacles and one another.

For example, if an air traffic controller allows planes to fly too close together or authorizes an aircraft to take off or land on an incorrect runway, the controller may be held accountable for injuries and face federal penalties.

2. Pilot Error

Fatigue, incapacity, or a lack of expertise are all common causes of pilot errors. Much like in typical car accident claims, negligent pilots can be considered liable for plane crashes. Their lack of training, however, can also be blamed on the airline company.

In addition, a pilot who attempts a dangerous maneuver, takes an illegal path to an airport gate, approaches an airport at the incorrect altitude or airspeed, or breaches FAA restrictions may be held liable.

3. Mechanical Problems

Landing gear, electrical systems, plane engine parts, and radio communications are just a few of the components that must all operate together flawlessly in order for an aircraft to fly. When the accident is caused by defective planes, parts, or tools, it can either be blamed on the maintenance personnel or the manufacturer of the faulty product.

Manufacturers of parts and airplanes can be held accountable for poor plane designs or mechanical failure in a product liability claim in California.

4. Unauthorized Movement And Objects

Even in congested airports, runways should never be occupied by people or items unless they are required for quick departure. Anything left on the runway surface, such as pedestrians entering taxiways or vehicles moving over a runway without authorization from air traffic control, has the potential to cause a serious incident.

Depending on the situation, this can be blamed on the runway maintenance personnel.

5. Inadequate Runway Maintenance

It is the responsibility of airport operators to ensure that runway surfaces are clear, safe, and well-lit. Runway accidents can be caused by faulty landing system lights, potholes, icy or slippery surfaces, and other maintenance concerns.

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Note: There Can Be Multiple Defendants

It is important to understand that Airplane Accident Claims can have multiple defendants. For example, if an airline company knowingly hired a pilot that's ill-equipped to fly a plane, the victims and their loved ones might have grounds to file claims against the company and pilot.

In short, plane crashes and their legal consequences can be incredibly complicated. To get the compensation for you and your loved one, you'll need the help of a prescreened California Personal Injury Attorney to help you create a solid claim.

Having legal counsel on your side will also protect you from getting taken advantage of by insurance adjusters and airline companies who might try to silence you or lowball your insurance payouts.

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