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11 Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Common Causes Of Truck Accidents And Who To Blame Them For

Truck accidents can have devastating consequences. Because of their size, they tend to afflict more damage than a typical car or motorcycle. That said, when you unfortunately get into an accident involving trucks, you have the option to submit a Personal Injury Claim in California, to get compensation for the damages you sustain in the process.

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One of the first important steps in the process of filing your claim is to identify what caused the accident. This allows you to identify the defendant and their negligent actions causing the accident.

Since the aftermath of truck accidents can be especially devastating, you might be dealing with harrowing catastrophic injuries or the death of a family member. That said, here's a list of the most common causes of truck accidents as witnessed by California Personal Injury Lawyers:

1. Faulty Brakes

Trucking companies may scrimp on essential maintenance and fail to calibrate truck brakes properly, resulting in a serious or fatal truck accident. Additionally, trucks cannot come to a full stop immediately, which can be crucial in emergency situations.

2. Bad Road Conditions

When rain, ice, or snow make driving conditions hazardous, it can make driving more challenging. This is even more dangerous for large and hefty trucks, which might swerve or slip due to the conditions.

3. Driving Under The Influence

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and drugs alike impede senses. It takes them longer to react, affecting their ability to observe and adjust to their surroundings.

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4. Driver Fatigue

To deliver a load or package on schedule, truck drivers who are under pressure to fulfill deadlines will forgo required sleep breaks. Like those driving under the influence, sleep-deprived drivers have impeded reaction times, causing accidents.

5. Speeding, Tailgating, and Aggressive Driving

To get to their destination on time, truck drivers frequently engage in dangerous activity. This can be referred to as "reckless driving" and can be grounds for a claim due to the apparent negligence on the driver's part.

6. Inadequate Truck Maintenance

To save time and money, trucking companies or owner-operators may forgo necessary or scheduled maintenance. This is terrible news.

Truck maintenance is essential for spotting mechanical problems before they cause accidents. Failing to do so can make a company, agency, or maintenance crew liable for any accidents caused by their negligence.

7. Poor Hiring Decisions

Companies that hire drivers who have been charged with dangerous or drunk driving in the past may be held liable for negligence. Companies and agencies can also be held liable for hiring unlicensed or undertrained drivers.

8. Lack Of Adequate Training

To operate a heavy truck, drivers must have a commercial driver's license. Those who lack sufficient training or certification are simply not qualified to do so safely.

9. Overloading

It is critical to properly load huge vehicles to ensure safe driving. Tractor-trailer vehicles transport heavy weights, and if the cargo isn't secured, it can fall off the truck and onto highways. This can cause major accidents and obstructions. Even with a seasoned driver, maneuvering a heavy vehicle is still challenging.

10. Product Liability

There are some cases where the truck manufacturer can be considered liable for the accident. This applies like any other product liability claim, where a manufacturing or design defect can cause accidents.

11. Violation Of Federal Regulations

To reach their own personal goals, trucking businesses and drivers are frequently motivated to ignore other regulatory obligations, and vital safety measures may be overlooked.

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While the examples listed above are the most common scenarios that lead to unfortunate trucking accidents, not all Personal Injury Claims in California are the same. This is especially true for accidents of this scale, where the at-fault party can comprise one person, multiple people, or a company.

If you get injured, or a loved one dies because of a truck accident, you become eligible to file claims and get monetary compensation. These payable damages act as recompense for the financial, health, and emotional losses you've sustained as a result of someone else's negligence.

That said, it's best to have a California Personal Injury Attorney at your side to help you file your claims and get the compensation you deserve. Having a legal representative also protects you from companies and insurance adjusters who might try to trivialize your injuries and lowball your accident payouts.

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